Angelnet was formed in 2012 as a community of private equity investors (aka "Angels") serving as a meeting place where members can find high-quality, diverse opportunities, for the purpose of collaborative investments. The community is built through a variety of educational, social, and other get together activities.

During 2019 the organization went through a restructuring process, to completely focus on “Collaborative Early Stage Investments” and adjust operations to meet the new Israeli startup ecosystem requirements. While Angelnet membership is by invitation only, there are no membership fees and no commitments attached.

Angelnet is not a fund and does not invest as an organization. Its members collaborate but make individual investment decisions.

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The emergence of Collaborative Investment Platforms offers private investors ("Angels") alternatives in order to achieve better returns and risk mitigation through diversification.

Facing diminishing returns of traditional venues, investors are looking to increase their allocation to alternative strategies in order to achieve better returns and risk diversification. Sourcing good investment opportunities in the alternative space, especially in the technology sector requires, however, significant resources in terms of experience, research, and networks. The collaborative investment model allows us to reach out to such alternative investment opportunities by pooling the experience, resources, and expertise of several investors.

This community of angel investors must be run by a managing team that enables efficient collaboration between them for the projects: sourcing of opportunities, manage selection, deal terms structuring and negotiation, etc.



Angelnet is focused on early stage (pre-seed and seed) mainly technology - but not limited to startups, which are screened by our highly experienced and professional team to fit the Angel investor minset.

Seed Rounds:

Good ideas and great teams, that we can help grow by engaging the Angelnet network.

Bridge Rounds:

Mature startups in mid-life and in need of bridge funding to close a round or raising a small round.

Debt Rounds:

Sustainable SMB's that are looking for working capital injection and meeting new partners.

Match Rounds:

Startups approved by the Israeli Innovation Authority or the European grant program and are in need of matching capital.

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Haim spent over 19 years in the U.S where he was President of Advanced Systems U.S.A (ASU) (NASDAQ:LVL8), and co-founder of 5 startups in the field of enterprise software and expert systems.
Haim was also a member of the Keiretsu Forum Angel Investors groups, and president of the “Bay Area Start-up and Investors Club” - a community of over 1200 members supported by the DoE.
Haim holds a M.Sc. in Life Sciences from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.







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